Yendys NatureMystic

Brightest Blessings ALL. I'm Yendys (Yen-dez). I was born in Barbados, West Indies. Now I live in Brooklyn, NY.
I AM a CREATRESS. I LOVE To cre·ate. I have creat·ed. I am cre·at·ing. I cre·ates... LOL. To cause to exist; to bring into being.
To give rise to my divine feminine powers. I'm a natural hair stylist, belly dancer, wild foods expert, holistic healer, medicine woman, Priestess...

Welcome to my online world where The Goddess expresses through mind body and spirit. Searching. Re-Membering. Re=Connecting. Sharing.

I invite you to also visit my website, browse my online etsy shop (AncientBlends) and pick up a few natural hair and body care treasures while you're at it. BLESSINGS!!!
I do ship my Ancient Blends products internationally.

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